Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pyper's new blog

Since I recently got married, Dan and I have decided to start a blog for our new can find us at


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why are women so freakin emotional???

I wish I knew the answer to this question...things have been fabulous...Dan and I are getting married in just under 6 weeks (Hooray)!! We got the announcements out this afternoon, my dress is hanging in my closet next to his brand new suit, my shoes have been ordered (though I don't know how my feet will survive the 4" heels), the reception is basically done for Boise and the one for here is pretty well...well kinda under control. With all those great things taking place, can someone explain to me why I am over reacting and in tears over something that could be a big deal but isn't?? When I say tears...I mean uncontrollable, wracking sobs? Poor Dan isn't sure what to do, or say...and even my explanations seem paltry and juvenile...Any suggestions on how to stop the tears before they start???
I can only hope that sanity will prevail, Dan will stick it out...and 42 days from now we'll be happily on our honeymoon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I feel so grown up...

It's been almost forever and a day since I last blogged...I'd probably feel really bad about that but I know hardly anyone reads the posts (which isn't why we started this...we do it cuz it's fun, right? RIGHT!)

So here's the latest and know that boy I referred to (about 2 months ago)...yep the one I soaked with the water balloon...well we've now been dating for 2 months! Yippee! And I'm not talking about a date here, hanging out, 2 whole months and we've spent everyday together (well not whole days...but at least 2 hours each day). He's been to meet the family and my Dad just left to go back to Boise yesterday (he came out since he was in Alaska when we were in Utah). I've met some of his family. His mom is a riot and his sisters seem really nice (at least over facebook and the phone). I told my Dad this weekend that I felt so grown up...not sure when everything changed and I went from Young Adult to grown up...but that's what it feels like.
I'm sure it helps that I'm in my own place...alone (eek!), not to mention declining acceptance to graduate school for financially responsible reasons (now if that isn't grown up...I don't know what is).

In any event...I have reached the point of 'grown upness' just days before my 28th birthday and the world hasn't ended yet.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stormy Weather

So as most of you have heard from the news and previous blogs from Pyper and I we have had some crazy storms in the MidWest this summer. It has been really nice here other wise... I had some pictures sent to my by my brother-in-law Ryan and thought I would share them with mine and Pyper's friends and family... hope you enjoy. I don't know where he got them but if you want the email sent to you let one of know, I am sending it to Pyper also. Have a fabulous day!!!
amy (the last one is my favorite, it is in Downtown Omaha)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions.... you remember that post when I talked about making plans in life that just don't seem to work the way you plan? If not, check it out!
So here's the scoop...yesterday I heard back from grad school and was accepted-exciting right? Well, would have been except that I had decided a month ago that I was going to stay in Omaha, even if I was accepted. Not to mention the fact that I'm in this great relationship with Dan (you remember him...water balloons, cookies, stalking...etc) So now I get to write a letter basically saying, "thanks but no thanks"...which isn't so bad...I like being the one to reject :o)
So now the only decisions I have to make are what to pack in my back pack for this weekends trip, what kind of chewy candy to buy to munch on, and whether or not to take off a little early on Thursday so we can head out to Utah on time!
Life is GREAT!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weddings, Camping, Tornado's, Oh My

Lots of things have happened since my last blog! Dawn, my sister, got married to Ryan Kellogg! Pyper and I moved to different locations, see "It's Moving Day" for more details. I went to girls camp as the Stake Certification Director. Chanda, my friend, and new roommates sister go married! To top it all off we spent last Saturday night, 2am to 3:30am in the basement watching the news to make sure we did not get hit by a tornado. Only to find out the next morning that it touched down only a few miles from us. Then jumped about 60 blocks to take out a few businesses by my work. Then last night, I am sure you all heard, we had some insane weather around here. Again we spent about 3 hours in our basement watching the news and playing games while we prayed the weather would bypass us.
Prior to that Vao, my new roommate, and I went to Bellevue to visit Dawn at the salon so I could get my hairs cut. (It has been way over due) Then we went to visit a friend of mine, Josh Gillette and his family who were in town for the day. All the while the weather was getting worse all around us. Deciding it was time to leave we grabbed dinner at Subway for the three of us and headed home on hwy 370. For those of you not from around here we headed straight into the thick of the stormy weather! As we drove down the hwy the radio announcer told us that there were swirling around and beginning to form tornado like conditions. Yeah, 15min go drive home still. Then a crazy, scared lady in a white SUV started running red lights, and darting around traffic to get home. When I turned onto the road to get us home I started watching the clouds, SCARY! I could see them swirling around above us, just waiting to form a funnel and come thrashing out of the sky! So, I drove faster, got us home in about 10 min to our quite, dry basement.
While it did miss us it hit different areas around us. The Scout Camp that was hit really bad was where I was only a week ago at Girls Camp. Where it surprises me that every building at the camp was destroyed, they are/were very spread out around the camp. It almost seems like the tornado just danced around in circles through the camp. That is the only way all of them could have been torn down! Sad, scary stuff, considering that we had tornado watches almost every night I was there. Lots of prayers going out to those boys and their leaders!
On a brighter note, here are some pics of Dawn's wedding

Monday, June 2, 2008

If you're going to throw a water balloon...

be ready to run! So I went to FHE all on my own tonight (I'm really proud of myself)...and was pretty content to miss out on the activity...but it involved a 3 legged race and water balloons...(plus wheelbarrow race...I was the wheelbarrow...and I'm broken). My partner and I did pretty good in the 3 legged race, except that we were attached by 2 heavy rubber bands...both snapped and left welts on my ankles. OUCH! Then it was off to the water balloon toss...we were doing so well and it was down to us and another team...despite the attempts at distraction by Dan, we were sooo close. But alas, we lost.
After it was all said and down, my partner and I each got a left over balloon and snuck up to Dan...mine hit it's mark soaking his shoulder and back. My partners broke in mid-flight but still managed to get him. I took off running...I did pretty good, until he rounded the far corner of the institute...but I was pretty fast and made it inside before he tossed his ammo. But he followed me in and tried (unsuccessfully) to force me outside. After hiding out for a little bit (and a brief moment sitting on a trash was an accident) I snuck out the back way, up the side of the building and with my keys in hand unlocked my car from there. I started to calmly walk towards it and he saw I ran...I got to my car door right as he let his balloon fly...poor Dan, it hit my windshield leaving me nice and dry. I thought I was safe...oh how wrong...after a brief moment of peace he chased me again and grabbed me from behind intent on sharing some of the moisture from his soaking wet shirt.
Ahh good times at FHE...apparently now I owe him cookies...again.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Moving Day!

Okay so it's after Moving day...but still the phrase reminds me of Saturday mornings curled up with my tv blanket, eating toasty o's (that's right...we weren't hoity toity about breakfast cereals), watching the Secret of know that part where the rats help Mrs B move the cinder block that is her home?
Well much like her experience...our moving day was full of stress and uncontrollable situations. For starters...Amy and I top off the tank to the diesel...ouch! Then it was off to the only UHAUL place that was open (it being a holiday and such)...only to find out that we didn't have the right size ball for the hitch (like 5/16th of an inch too big) I had to buy one...then we didn't have the right lighting adapter (which they tried to sell us...but Amy said "nope, don't need it"...go AMY!!!) Luckily my brother had the right one so we could be legal.
When we get home I look at the trailer...6X12 feet isn't as big as it sounds. When everything was said and done it took the entire trailer, the cab of the truck, the bed of the truck, my car and Dan's truck to get everything that was ready to stuff got dropped off without too many problems (unless you count a crushed middle finger and a slip on the stairs) then it was Amy's turn...they had to take the door to the basement off in order to get some furniture into the basement...and then it was lunch time!
After lunch we headed home to finish loading the stuff for Amy to take home with the truck...I am so proud of us...we were able (with the loan of some wrenches from the neighbors) to unhook the washer and dryer, dolly them up the grassy hill in our backyard, to the driveway up 3 stairs onto our tiny porch and onto the bed of the truck...
Now we just have to unpack our stuff (at our respective places) and clean the old house by Saturday...


Monday, May 5, 2008

So, I have been really busy lately. Started a new position at my job. More responsibility, more stuff to deal with and the same pay... I really need something new! Alas, they have been somewhat good to me over the last 5 and a half years. I do get to work with some outstanding people that persist on teasing me about my religion daily, weekly, monthly, however you would like to look at it.

Then there is the matter of Dawn and Ryan's wedding, packing to move, and all the things that come with the territory. We can't forget my general desire for laziness either, haha... So much to do and so little time!

My deepest apologies to Pyper who has had to keep our blog going all by herself over the last little while. We really should be completely honest and state that her stories are much much more interesting than mine anyway. :)

One last thought for those of you who check this to see what I am up to, NEIL DIAMOND is coming to OMAHA!!! I must buy tickets! We celebrated his appereance on American Idol at work last week by making it our Neil Diamond week. We listened to his music every day while we digiligently prepared the work for the night interviewing staff. What a fablous way to spend the day. Sweet Caroline, You Send me No Flowers, Girl - You'll Be A Woman Soon. I will be 30 on Wednesday - I mean 24!


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The whole Fam-damly (well the younger portion anyways)

Not often do all of us 'younger' kids get together...even rarer that we all agree to having our pictures taken.


Monday, April 28, 2008

When good rolls go bad...

Okay so I'm visiting the family this weekend and yesterday in preparation for dinner we decided to quick rize the rhodes dough...but I didn't read all of the instructions. So we put the frozen lumps of dough in a pan, preheat the oven and turn it off (as instructed), place boiling water in another pan and position it below the top rack and insert the rolls...we then promptly forgot about them...well, kind of (we thought we could leave them be for an hour and a half...but we were wrong). When we opened the oven to check on them, we had roll dough oozing over the side of the pan and brushing the oven rack...this would never do for rolls so we removed it, gathered up all of the dough, smooshed it into one giant glob and then pinched off pieces and placed them in muffin tins. They tasted good when they finished, but check out how huge they were....


Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's definitely not as easy as CSI makes it look...

Pyper here...this weekend has been one hectic piece of excitement after another. Saturday was supposed to be a walk in the park (if you'll excuse the expression). I was supposed to meet my partner to process our first (and probably only) 'crime scene' for class. Then after 2 1/2 hours I was supposed to be headed home for a nice afternoon with the girls (watching some mushy Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte movie)...then it was off to a wedding reception and stake here's what actually happened...

I got to campus a little early and waited with my professor for about 20 minutes until my partner showed. Then we started processing...since we've never done this before it was a little slow to get started. And took about an hour longer then expected, not to mention the unbelievable level of tediousness involved (maybe I don't want to go to grad school). And of course...since it was a 'crime scene' I couldn't just pause the exercise to call the girls to let them all know I was running late. We finished up and I had several voicemails/texts wondering where I was. Luckily everyone was very understanding. Suz came over after I got home and helped me calm down a bit (I was freaking out about measurements not looking right, per my diagram, and missing ones, and evidence we should have been more thorough with (I'm hoping my partner caught some of the details I didn't) and the fact that I was so dehydrated when I got home (and hungry) that I was shaky and actually lost some of the water I had chugged when I got home (note to self...not a good thing to do when you are hot, hungry and thirsty). Suz saved me as we loaded into her car and headed to Chipotle and Sonic before going back to the house to enjoy (also not a good idea to try and hydrate with Ocean Water....though it didn't make me sick, I was just really thirsty a couple hours later). After a few episodes of Scrubs and dying Suzs' hair it was time to think about getting ready for the reception.
Amy misplaced the wedding we went to conference instead. It was pretty good...Jordan and Aaron were nice enough to try and squeeze everyone in the row together so we could all sit on the pew...Amy opted to sit in front of us with some other friends.
After conference and some friendly banter (something about Uno, my hair style, and stinky mushrooms) Amy I raced home to change for a movie with Vao and Michelle.
"Under the Same Moon" was fabulous and I would highly recommend it to advised there are a lot of subtitles...
I think I drank almost 2 Liters of water during the movie along with the PB Twix I snarfed down.
This morning greeted me with a swollen left eyelid...which will hopefully get checked tomorrow, and the need for a mild attitude adjustment (and honestly the 2 hours sitting on hard folding chairs for church did nothing to help in that bum was asleep by the first choral number)
Luckily, this week is short (thank goodness for ARBOR DAY which is a State holiday here in Nebraska)...I'm headed home for a nice longish (5days and 6 nights) vacation. I plan to do nothing but play with the nephew and niece, bum around the house in my pjs, maybe do some light shopping (and I do mean light...I have a deposit to pay next month on an apartment I still haven't found) and the every dreaded home ward visit. (the old ladies have quit asking about my dating life...but it's still rough...the kids I used to babysit are getting married...argh!!!)

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's never funny when you have to explain it...

I'm sure that everyone has been in this situation say, email or text something that sounds really funny in your head and then just falls flat once it's out there. And then the person you said, typed, texted doesn't get what you sent so then you have to explain why you said what you said...and then it's really not funny.

So, note to everyone that reads this...think at least twice before you send or say anything you may think is remotely funny (cuz it might not be)....especially if it's really late at night and you've been hanging around your crazy friends for hours.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why make plans?

I ask this question everytime plans fall through...and I never seem to come up with a good answer. I think that maybe I do it because like all people I like to think I have control over my life...but then reality hits and I realize that I don't.
So here's the scoop...a couple of months ago I decided that it was time to try something kinda I up and applied to grad school and for an internship in my home town. I haven't heard about school yet, but the county emailed me (a pathetic little thing it was too) and basically said that I wasn't cool enough to be an intern there. So now I'm waiting ever patiently for my rejection letter from grad school so I can freak out about what to do now. My options are looking pretty slim: stay in Omaha, frantically look for a new place to live, and keep on keepin on at work...whoohoo!


Sunday, March 30, 2008


I hope no one gets so boared they fall asleep.

WYOMING!!! HOME!!! WHOO HOO!!! (this may be boring, sorry)

I had the chance to go home over Easter Weekend! I had not been there since September, and was homesick for the mountains, family and friends!
Sooo... in an effort to make my blog more interesting when I came home I tried something new while I was there, mostly for giggles for everyone that Read's this. Hope you enjoy! (Yes, Brother Read I am finally updating my part of the blog! Hope you enjoy.)
Thursday - So I was supposed to leave Omaha about 12:00 and that would put me pulling up to my brother Jared's house between 8 and 9 on Thursday night. Work was crazy and I did not leave until after 12:00, then I had to drive to Missouri, 2 hours away, to pick up my Nephew John. I got there at about 3 because I was not ready to leave yet and ran around throwing things in bags and rushed out the door about 1:30.
John and I left my parents house about 4:15, which is 3:15 in Wyoming. That should have put me there at 12am. However, I did not get to my brother's house till 4am! AHHHHH, what a long drive, especially since the whole time my nephew slept next to me for 7 hours of it. When he was awake all he did was bug me about stopping for food. 19 year old boys are crazy!
Friday - Anyway, I woke up around 7:30 - 8. Played with my nieces and nephew, gave them their Easter gifts, cause I could not wait, and colored with them. As a side note Crayola Color Explosion Books are AWESOME! I had so much fun with the kids and theirs that I bought some for me and my roommates. If you want to try give me a call, you can come over, or I will mail you one!
We went to Saratoga, Wy that evening to swim in the Hot Pools. (for those of you who don't know it is a natural hot spring that the community has built into a pool.) Everyone swam around, we went down to the river and my brother and nieces walked in and out immediately. The river had ice and snow floating in it, and they froze their feet. I teased them that they had blocks of ice on their feet when they came out. Then we went to dinner at "Stumpy's" in Saratoga.
"Stumpy's" is where the trying new things comes in... My brother talked me into eating Rocky Mountain Oysters. If you don't know what that is I am sorry, but I am not going to try and explain that in a blog... Believe it or not they are not bad... you should try them some time... just don't think about what they are while you are eating them and you should be ok... I talked my sister-in-law Mandy into trying them, for $5. My 7 year old niece ate one, but about died when she found out what they were, then made us all promise we would not tell anyone that she ate that part of a bulls anatomy. The crazy things we do for amusement! Thank heaven for toothbrushes and toothpaste!
Saturday - Met my Best Friend Cindy and her family for lunch. Met my friend Erin, her roommate and my friend Shala and hung out for a few hours catching up, laughing and reminiscing about the old days. Then back to my brothers where we built a fire in the the backyard, with a few feet of snow around us and roasted marshmallows and made smores. Cold, but very FUN!!! Then we had dinner from my FAVORITE Restaurant "Su Casa" (thanks Jared and Mandy!). Then I went with my brother to clean the oil refinery, his second, or third job, I lost track.
Sunday - Church in the morning, and then on my way about 1pm. Picked up John at his mothers house in Burns, WY and got on our way... about 3:30 (4:30 NE time). 1am again, if all things would go well... but I was on a road trip and that usually does not happen. I ended up needing to take my nephew back to my parents that night (who again slept most of the day). We got to my parents around 2:30am - and headed home. Got to Omaha about 4am, took a shower and went to bed... then was up at 6 for work. Monday was long, and difficult, but it ended.
Now back to the grind stone.
I will add some pictures later...
P.S. "Believe it or Not" by Joey Scarbury is a great driving song.

I'm a bad, bad blogger

Okay...first, this is Pyper...second, I've been utterly chastised for my lack of blogging this month. But honestly, there isn't much that is okay to blog about that's happened lately. I guess I could have blogged to say that my laptop is now known as "Benedetto"...Trevor was a great vampire, but I have more history with Benedetto.
Otherwise, the only thing I've got is my ridiculous inability to say 'no' to people...any of you reading this must solemnly promise not to reveal this little weakness to anyone that may be shady, shifty, or otherwise undesirable.
Ummm...I did get to tour Husker Stadium yesterday...but the highlight of the tour was holding hands with Jordan (oh, and Aaron)...don't get too excited, it was simultaneous hand holding and I only interdigitated with one of them.

That's all I got (unless you want stories from my Crime Scenes Techniques class...we did bodily fluids and hair evidence last week)...let me know if you want more details.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am officially a killer...

but honestly it was an accident. At the time I had no intention of snuffing out the life of the fuzzy, though incredibly ugly, creature...but it happened all the same.
I was on my way home from Institute (of all places) and had taken a detour for dinner at Wendy's. As I drove down the road, contemplating the disgusting taste and texture of my fries (having worked in fast food I know that fries have a hold time of 5minutes...these had been under the heat lamp for a good 10-15...disgusting) and periodically rolling down the window to dispose of the more soggy ones...a fairly large, whitish grey, four legged creature scuttled across the street. I braked (and being the kind of student I am...I remembered being told in drivers ed that a lot of accidents are avoidable if people would quit swerving to miss animals on the road) but did not swerve (and really I would have swerved to my left and it wouldn't have done much good). And then I heard it...Thu-Thump. It was dark outside so I was unable to see my handy work, but I'm pretty sure that possum was flat as a pancake. I take comfort in the idea that perhaps this possum was the very one that had held Dawn (Amy's sister) hostage in her car while it sat atop our garbage can, leering at her. Or maybe it was really old and its family had banished it because it just couldn't keep up any more. And now ashamed of its useless existence it decided to play in traffic to tempt fate.
In any event...I have never before killed a creature (stunned a bird or two on my way to church once) and now my car is sullied with possum blood.
I'm sure to have nightmares tonight!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


After much thought and consideration (and at the prompting of our friend Aaron) I have decided to name my new laptop...and determined that Strongbad was a fabulous source. And although I had my heart set on "Trevor the vampire" I am torn between that, Fireburt, Bennideto, CleverDan, Fhqwhgads and Sibbie....check out the following links and let me know what you think.


Friday, March 7, 2008

When all your girlfriends get engaged...

you buy lingerie...I hope no one reading this gets too embarrassed, but really I love shopping for little dainties for other people. Especially when they aren't remotely the 'little dainty' wearing kind of girls. Without getting too detailed (cuz that would just be inappropriate) I am now best friends with Fredericks and Vickies. I think I should get a frequent shopper discount.
Amy is now incredibly shocked at my choice of blog topic this evening...and for that I give a wicked laugh...MwaHaHa
I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons we are such good friends.

Experiment Gone Bad

My last blog was an utter failure in the color department. Please for give me, just highlight it to read it without difficulty.


Shenanigan's huh? I don't know if Pyper knows what she is talking about most of the time. I think she just likes to spread vicious rumors about me in hopes that people will finally like her more than me. (he he) As to shenanigan's, I would call giving 3 people slight aneurysms when a call was made, by my wonderful roommate to say she was an hour away from Greeley in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We rushed to leave the store we were perusing - ditching our cart in the isle and everything we were purchasing to go and meet her. The real tragedy is that the items I left in the store might just have brought me some eternal bliss. She denied me the chance to find happiness in material possessions.
As for my activities during Pyper's brief departure to Colorado Springs they are simple, and maybe slightly boring to the outside world. After a fabulous breakfast, prepared by my dear friend Chuck, we sat around and chatted for a while. Shala, one of my best friends from my questionable youth, and her husband Chuck and I decided to go shopping. We went to look for new blinds We did not find them but we did find 2 obnoxious phone salesmen. The type who have no idea how to take no for an answer...they caused some brief contention in our little group of friends. We had lunch at a great Mexican restaurant, since they are non existent in Omaha. Then off to Bed Bath and Beyond, where they have fun toys, like screaming monkey's, clucking chickens, and oinking pigs. You will have to go to understand our great enjoyment in them. (If anyone is interested I am willing to tag along and see if they are available here.) We laughed at a $180.00 trash can, that opens when you place your foot in the sensor path, can you believe it?!? What is our world coming to?!? Sadly this is an item that my sister and future brother-in-law have registered for for their wedding. We were then called away rudely at our last stop by a conniving Pyper. Shortly there after we were on our merry way back to Omaha. HOME SWEET HOME! author's note: (All things that might make someone question my love of my dear roommate Pyper, rest assured she is tops in my book!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Magic Eggs and A Million State Troopers

Friday afternoon Amy and I embarked on a new and exciting adventure…aka a roadtrip from our current town of residence to Colorado Springs. We were uncharacteristically on time as we packed up the car and headed out of town. The drive was pretty uneventful-we talked, giggled and plotted. Then Amy had the brilliant idea to put a dvd in my sweet new laptop. We were so grateful for “I see your Swartz is as big as mine” and “No, sir, I didn’t see you playing with your dolls.” And who can forget “Only one man dares to give me the raspberries.” It made the trip go by so fast. More plotting commenced after Lonestar and Vespa made space tracks. We talked about possibly heading to see her brother once my tour was over and after a little discussion I exclaimed “That’s it…my made is mind up!” and it was settled. After I toured campus I would pick Amy up and we would head north. The rest of the drive was spent counting the number of State Troopers and vehicles from Minnesota.
We spent the night at one of Amy’s friends houses and after a tasty breakfast the next morning I headed off to Colorado Springs, leaving Amy to fend for herself (there is not enough time or room to describe the shinanigans she was involved in, and since I wasn’t there I can’t even get into it…I’ll leave that to her). It was a beautiful day and the drive through Colorado was fantastic…even the unfamiliar roads and crazy drivers did not deter from the experience.
Well, I got to the campus a little bit late and missed my tour group…never fear, I gave myself a tour. The campus was lovely and after walking the length and breadth (which only took about 20minutes) I settled down on a nice slab of concrete and read for about 30minutes…it was just too nice outside to just get into the car and drive back. Alas, I could not read the day away and if we were going to snag the ‘best Mexican’ Amy has ever tasted I needed to get back in the car. The drive back seemed to take so much longer…and I put the time to good use. About 2 minutes from our ‘lodgings’ I texted her…’if I’m 10miles from Cheyene have I missed my exit’. Needless to say I got a great reaction…she called 4times (and I didn’t pick up) before I pulled in front of the house…but they weren’t there!!
The drive home was pretty uneventful-since we didn’t leave on time, we decided that while my made was mind up the day before, it would be crazy if we tried (we weren’t going to get home until after midnight as it was…so adding another 4-5hours was nuts). More movies got us through the long drive, with Amy declaring her love for ‘magic eggs’-and no, they aren’t that kind of magic-she was referring to Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Combined with the several trailers sporting “Dollies and Pads” we thoroughly enjoyed the drive…but found ourselves anxious to get home (we got really excited as we spotted ‘50miles’). We pulled into our driveway just after 1am and we nearly crawled from the car into our respective rooms and crashed until the next morning.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You can't beat a class that is dedicated to patterns

and I'm not talkin about sewing patterns. Pyper here, and after a ridiculous day at work (complete with cupcakes, key lime pie and a great fantasy novel) I headed to class. Today's lecture: Blood Patterns. After an hour of taking notes, my hand was curled around my pencil and my backside was numb from the incredibly hard chair I was sitting in.
After a good stretch it was time for lab-first we completed preparations for next week by dropping red liquid onto white paper held in pre cut angled slots. Then it was time to recreate blood patterns. While my lab partner was working on a passive/drip pattern, I was collecting a tiny bit of the substance into a straw, slowly allowing it to slide towards my mouth. I was really careful not to let it get too close and inhaled through my nose. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful and I got a teeny-tiny taste. It was a little cough syrupy, but all in all not bad. Plus I was able to get a really good recreation of an expirated pattern.

Next week: further analysis/calculation of angles and examination of hair samples.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Laptop Bags, Sun Chips, and Movies... Oh my!

After a grueling day and a crazy drive home the day was finally over... unless you live with my roommates. Then there is wedding stuff to discuss and $75 shoes to try on. (for those of you who don't know the wedding stuff is for my sister who lives with Pyper and I.)
Then the anticipation surrounding the purchase of the ever necessary bag for the cool new laptop! So we braved the cold one more time to get a fun new bag for Pyper. The bad thing is that when we go shopping together we always end up with more than we ever think we will, and usually not what we intended from the beginning. So if you go to the store in the near future we would encourage you to stop by the Easter isle, the camo egg dying kit is fabulous as are the peeps.
Movies...Oh my! Our secret obsession. We can never buy just one, thank heaven for Hollywood Videos sale racks!
If I hear "It's a little pitchy dawg." one more time... Randy drives me CRAZY!
Paula is insane! and
Simon is brutally honest! Or to honest! (you pick)

Merely Adequate...

Pyper here...typing on my beau-ti-ful new laptop. It is a fabulous day when you can finally sit on a comfy couch and type to your hearts content.
So, what am I going to type? Anything I freakin want to!!! Mwha-ha-ha!

Seriously though...the laptop buying experience was a tangle of specs, pricing and antivirus/spy ware mumbo jumbo. At one point the sweet salesman pointed out that I could either go for something merely adequate (for documents and music) or a notch or two above. Being the indecisive person that I am, I left the store without purchasing a darn thing. A laptop is a big commitment for such a little item. After a couple of hours, dinner and a thrilling game of pop your neighbors balloon and 2 truths and a lie, I forced Amy to accompany me back to the store. A new sales man pointed out several great features and a couple of new options. After reviewing the specs (yet again) and applying for my in store credit card to get financing until my tax return hits the bank I finally decided on a sweet little deal with enough memory and hard drive space to make my Dad ask if he can have it when I die (and while I consider myself 'old', I'm hopefully a good 50 years from the grave).

Listening to Harry Connick Jr on the cold drive home, Amy noted that he's a hot youngin with a head that's a leetle too small for his fantastic body! Just food for thought :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just another Manic Sunday...

In honor of our dear, dear friend....Aaron R @

Just so nobody gets confused...yes there are two of us (count, two) writing on this blog...we'll try and keep the confusion to a minimum and somehow differentiate between the authors when we post.
First and foremost is Amy...she's old and fabulous.
Second (saving the best for last...pshaw) is Pyper...she's also old and fabulous.

Now that we've taken care of the pleasantries lets get down to brass tacks. After a grueling afternoon of organizing the mail, wiping the crumbs from the counter to the floor and basically hiding anything that might somehow cause a sense of shock to desend on our guests we were able to relax...until Barbara Walters shared her deep, insightful thoughts about various stars (including those in the political realm and our alter egos...Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana). Honestly little notice was taken until Harrison Ford took center stage...and let's be honest-he's hot, and has aged well. Not to mention his upcoming blockbuster "Indiana Jones and the..." (okay, really we weren't paying much attention to the title of the film) in which he co-stars with Amy's ol' lady crush...Shia LeBeouf (who isn't half bad for being such a youngin') Unfortunately, the interview was over before we knew it...and it was back to reality.

Reality=dinner guests who were 20minutes late...Pyper was wasting away to nothing (which is quite a feat) and Amy was patiently anticipating the arrival of peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies.

At precisely 11:05PM, after a rousing game of Taboo and several conversations happening at once, the last guest was savagely thrown from the livingroom into the cold dark night.

We promise more riviting tales once we are well rested and our creative juices are flowing.