Friday, March 7, 2008


Shenanigan's huh? I don't know if Pyper knows what she is talking about most of the time. I think she just likes to spread vicious rumors about me in hopes that people will finally like her more than me. (he he) As to shenanigan's, I would call giving 3 people slight aneurysms when a call was made, by my wonderful roommate to say she was an hour away from Greeley in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We rushed to leave the store we were perusing - ditching our cart in the isle and everything we were purchasing to go and meet her. The real tragedy is that the items I left in the store might just have brought me some eternal bliss. She denied me the chance to find happiness in material possessions.
As for my activities during Pyper's brief departure to Colorado Springs they are simple, and maybe slightly boring to the outside world. After a fabulous breakfast, prepared by my dear friend Chuck, we sat around and chatted for a while. Shala, one of my best friends from my questionable youth, and her husband Chuck and I decided to go shopping. We went to look for new blinds We did not find them but we did find 2 obnoxious phone salesmen. The type who have no idea how to take no for an answer...they caused some brief contention in our little group of friends. We had lunch at a great Mexican restaurant, since they are non existent in Omaha. Then off to Bed Bath and Beyond, where they have fun toys, like screaming monkey's, clucking chickens, and oinking pigs. You will have to go to understand our great enjoyment in them. (If anyone is interested I am willing to tag along and see if they are available here.) We laughed at a $180.00 trash can, that opens when you place your foot in the sensor path, can you believe it?!? What is our world coming to?!? Sadly this is an item that my sister and future brother-in-law have registered for for their wedding. We were then called away rudely at our last stop by a conniving Pyper. Shortly there after we were on our merry way back to Omaha. HOME SWEET HOME! author's note: (All things that might make someone question my love of my dear roommate Pyper, rest assured she is tops in my book!)


Asterix said...

But Amy, hearing that you were involved in shenanigans makes you MORE likable! I would not say the same thing about Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton being involved in shenanigans is frustrating. I hope I have made my point clearly.

AmyNPyper said...

Gald you don't think I am anything like Hilary Clinton. I suppose I may be more involved in shnanigans in my future, so you will have more reasons to like me. I will do my best to live up to your standards.