Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You can't beat a class that is dedicated to patterns

and I'm not talkin about sewing patterns. Pyper here, and after a ridiculous day at work (complete with cupcakes, key lime pie and a great fantasy novel) I headed to class. Today's lecture: Blood Patterns. After an hour of taking notes, my hand was curled around my pencil and my backside was numb from the incredibly hard chair I was sitting in.
After a good stretch it was time for lab-first we completed preparations for next week by dropping red liquid onto white paper held in pre cut angled slots. Then it was time to recreate blood patterns. While my lab partner was working on a passive/drip pattern, I was collecting a tiny bit of the substance into a straw, slowly allowing it to slide towards my mouth. I was really careful not to let it get too close and inhaled through my nose. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful and I got a teeny-tiny taste. It was a little cough syrupy, but all in all not bad. Plus I was able to get a really good recreation of an expirated pattern.

Next week: further analysis/calculation of angles and examination of hair samples.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Laptop Bags, Sun Chips, and Movies... Oh my!

After a grueling day and a crazy drive home the day was finally over... unless you live with my roommates. Then there is wedding stuff to discuss and $75 shoes to try on. (for those of you who don't know the wedding stuff is for my sister who lives with Pyper and I.)
Then the anticipation surrounding the purchase of the ever necessary bag for the cool new laptop! So we braved the cold one more time to get a fun new bag for Pyper. The bad thing is that when we go shopping together we always end up with more than we ever think we will, and usually not what we intended from the beginning. So if you go to the store in the near future we would encourage you to stop by the Easter isle, the camo egg dying kit is fabulous as are the peeps.
Movies...Oh my! Our secret obsession. We can never buy just one, thank heaven for Hollywood Videos sale racks!
If I hear "It's a little pitchy dawg." one more time... Randy drives me CRAZY!
Paula is insane! and
Simon is brutally honest! Or to honest! (you pick)

Merely Adequate...

Pyper here...typing on my beau-ti-ful new laptop. It is a fabulous day when you can finally sit on a comfy couch and type to your hearts content.
So, what am I going to type? Anything I freakin want to!!! Mwha-ha-ha!

Seriously though...the laptop buying experience was a tangle of specs, pricing and antivirus/spy ware mumbo jumbo. At one point the sweet salesman pointed out that I could either go for something merely adequate (for documents and music) or a notch or two above. Being the indecisive person that I am, I left the store without purchasing a darn thing. A laptop is a big commitment for such a little item. After a couple of hours, dinner and a thrilling game of pop your neighbors balloon and 2 truths and a lie, I forced Amy to accompany me back to the store. A new sales man pointed out several great features and a couple of new options. After reviewing the specs (yet again) and applying for my in store credit card to get financing until my tax return hits the bank I finally decided on a sweet little deal with enough memory and hard drive space to make my Dad ask if he can have it when I die (and while I consider myself 'old', I'm hopefully a good 50 years from the grave).

Listening to Harry Connick Jr on the cold drive home, Amy noted that he's a hot youngin with a head that's a leetle too small for his fantastic body! Just food for thought :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just another Manic Sunday...

In honor of our dear, dear friend....Aaron R @

Just so nobody gets confused...yes there are two of us (count, two) writing on this blog...we'll try and keep the confusion to a minimum and somehow differentiate between the authors when we post.
First and foremost is Amy...she's old and fabulous.
Second (saving the best for last...pshaw) is Pyper...she's also old and fabulous.

Now that we've taken care of the pleasantries lets get down to brass tacks. After a grueling afternoon of organizing the mail, wiping the crumbs from the counter to the floor and basically hiding anything that might somehow cause a sense of shock to desend on our guests we were able to relax...until Barbara Walters shared her deep, insightful thoughts about various stars (including those in the political realm and our alter egos...Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana). Honestly little notice was taken until Harrison Ford took center stage...and let's be honest-he's hot, and has aged well. Not to mention his upcoming blockbuster "Indiana Jones and the..." (okay, really we weren't paying much attention to the title of the film) in which he co-stars with Amy's ol' lady crush...Shia LeBeouf (who isn't half bad for being such a youngin') Unfortunately, the interview was over before we knew it...and it was back to reality.

Reality=dinner guests who were 20minutes late...Pyper was wasting away to nothing (which is quite a feat) and Amy was patiently anticipating the arrival of peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies.

At precisely 11:05PM, after a rousing game of Taboo and several conversations happening at once, the last guest was savagely thrown from the livingroom into the cold dark night.

We promise more riviting tales once we are well rested and our creative juices are flowing.