Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just another Manic Sunday...

In honor of our dear, dear friend....Aaron R @

Just so nobody gets confused...yes there are two of us (count, two) writing on this blog...we'll try and keep the confusion to a minimum and somehow differentiate between the authors when we post.
First and foremost is Amy...she's old and fabulous.
Second (saving the best for last...pshaw) is Pyper...she's also old and fabulous.

Now that we've taken care of the pleasantries lets get down to brass tacks. After a grueling afternoon of organizing the mail, wiping the crumbs from the counter to the floor and basically hiding anything that might somehow cause a sense of shock to desend on our guests we were able to relax...until Barbara Walters shared her deep, insightful thoughts about various stars (including those in the political realm and our alter egos...Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana). Honestly little notice was taken until Harrison Ford took center stage...and let's be honest-he's hot, and has aged well. Not to mention his upcoming blockbuster "Indiana Jones and the..." (okay, really we weren't paying much attention to the title of the film) in which he co-stars with Amy's ol' lady crush...Shia LeBeouf (who isn't half bad for being such a youngin') Unfortunately, the interview was over before we knew it...and it was back to reality.

Reality=dinner guests who were 20minutes late...Pyper was wasting away to nothing (which is quite a feat) and Amy was patiently anticipating the arrival of peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies.

At precisely 11:05PM, after a rousing game of Taboo and several conversations happening at once, the last guest was savagely thrown from the livingroom into the cold dark night.

We promise more riviting tales once we are well rested and our creative juices are flowing.


Asterix said...

I am honored to be honored by such a witty blog! I would have remembered the title to the next Indiana Jones film. And what's this about men aging well? Does this mean I need to let myself ferment in order to attract more women? It's ok if you think Harrison Ford is handsome, but please not Sean Connery.

AmyNPyper said...

Sigh...while I can only speak for myself (and Amy probably has a different opinion)there is definitely something incredibly sexy about Sean Connery (maybe it's the accent, or the fact that in my mind he is the one, true Bond (with Daniel Craig as a close 2nd)). As for fermenting...I would suggest, perhaps, marinating. Fermenting implies spoiling/rotting to achieve the desired flavor. If I wanted a spoiled, rotten companion, I'd get a cat.

AmyNPyper said...

Alas, I agree with Pyper. As would many, many women around the world. As my wonderful blog partner mentioned it is simply that he is the orginial symbol of beauty as 007! Sorry to disappoint. For me it really is the accent, they are hard to resist in whatever form they come in.