Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Laptop Bags, Sun Chips, and Movies... Oh my!

After a grueling day and a crazy drive home the day was finally over... unless you live with my roommates. Then there is wedding stuff to discuss and $75 shoes to try on. (for those of you who don't know the wedding stuff is for my sister who lives with Pyper and I.)
Then the anticipation surrounding the purchase of the ever necessary bag for the cool new laptop! So we braved the cold one more time to get a fun new bag for Pyper. The bad thing is that when we go shopping together we always end up with more than we ever think we will, and usually not what we intended from the beginning. So if you go to the store in the near future we would encourage you to stop by the Easter isle, the camo egg dying kit is fabulous as are the peeps.
Movies...Oh my! Our secret obsession. We can never buy just one, thank heaven for Hollywood Videos sale racks!
If I hear "It's a little pitchy dawg." one more time... Randy drives me CRAZY!
Paula is insane! and
Simon is brutally honest! Or to honest! (you pick)

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