Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pyper's new blog

Since I recently got married, Dan and I have decided to start a blog for our new can find us at


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why are women so freakin emotional???

I wish I knew the answer to this question...things have been fabulous...Dan and I are getting married in just under 6 weeks (Hooray)!! We got the announcements out this afternoon, my dress is hanging in my closet next to his brand new suit, my shoes have been ordered (though I don't know how my feet will survive the 4" heels), the reception is basically done for Boise and the one for here is pretty well...well kinda under control. With all those great things taking place, can someone explain to me why I am over reacting and in tears over something that could be a big deal but isn't?? When I say tears...I mean uncontrollable, wracking sobs? Poor Dan isn't sure what to do, or say...and even my explanations seem paltry and juvenile...Any suggestions on how to stop the tears before they start???
I can only hope that sanity will prevail, Dan will stick it out...and 42 days from now we'll be happily on our honeymoon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I feel so grown up...

It's been almost forever and a day since I last blogged...I'd probably feel really bad about that but I know hardly anyone reads the posts (which isn't why we started this...we do it cuz it's fun, right? RIGHT!)

So here's the latest and know that boy I referred to (about 2 months ago)...yep the one I soaked with the water balloon...well we've now been dating for 2 months! Yippee! And I'm not talking about a date here, hanging out, 2 whole months and we've spent everyday together (well not whole days...but at least 2 hours each day). He's been to meet the family and my Dad just left to go back to Boise yesterday (he came out since he was in Alaska when we were in Utah). I've met some of his family. His mom is a riot and his sisters seem really nice (at least over facebook and the phone). I told my Dad this weekend that I felt so grown up...not sure when everything changed and I went from Young Adult to grown up...but that's what it feels like.
I'm sure it helps that I'm in my own place...alone (eek!), not to mention declining acceptance to graduate school for financially responsible reasons (now if that isn't grown up...I don't know what is).

In any event...I have reached the point of 'grown upness' just days before my 28th birthday and the world hasn't ended yet.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stormy Weather

So as most of you have heard from the news and previous blogs from Pyper and I we have had some crazy storms in the MidWest this summer. It has been really nice here other wise... I had some pictures sent to my by my brother-in-law Ryan and thought I would share them with mine and Pyper's friends and family... hope you enjoy. I don't know where he got them but if you want the email sent to you let one of know, I am sending it to Pyper also. Have a fabulous day!!!
amy (the last one is my favorite, it is in Downtown Omaha)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions.... you remember that post when I talked about making plans in life that just don't seem to work the way you plan? If not, check it out!
So here's the scoop...yesterday I heard back from grad school and was accepted-exciting right? Well, would have been except that I had decided a month ago that I was going to stay in Omaha, even if I was accepted. Not to mention the fact that I'm in this great relationship with Dan (you remember him...water balloons, cookies, stalking...etc) So now I get to write a letter basically saying, "thanks but no thanks"...which isn't so bad...I like being the one to reject :o)
So now the only decisions I have to make are what to pack in my back pack for this weekends trip, what kind of chewy candy to buy to munch on, and whether or not to take off a little early on Thursday so we can head out to Utah on time!
Life is GREAT!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weddings, Camping, Tornado's, Oh My

Lots of things have happened since my last blog! Dawn, my sister, got married to Ryan Kellogg! Pyper and I moved to different locations, see "It's Moving Day" for more details. I went to girls camp as the Stake Certification Director. Chanda, my friend, and new roommates sister go married! To top it all off we spent last Saturday night, 2am to 3:30am in the basement watching the news to make sure we did not get hit by a tornado. Only to find out the next morning that it touched down only a few miles from us. Then jumped about 60 blocks to take out a few businesses by my work. Then last night, I am sure you all heard, we had some insane weather around here. Again we spent about 3 hours in our basement watching the news and playing games while we prayed the weather would bypass us.
Prior to that Vao, my new roommate, and I went to Bellevue to visit Dawn at the salon so I could get my hairs cut. (It has been way over due) Then we went to visit a friend of mine, Josh Gillette and his family who were in town for the day. All the while the weather was getting worse all around us. Deciding it was time to leave we grabbed dinner at Subway for the three of us and headed home on hwy 370. For those of you not from around here we headed straight into the thick of the stormy weather! As we drove down the hwy the radio announcer told us that there were swirling around and beginning to form tornado like conditions. Yeah, 15min go drive home still. Then a crazy, scared lady in a white SUV started running red lights, and darting around traffic to get home. When I turned onto the road to get us home I started watching the clouds, SCARY! I could see them swirling around above us, just waiting to form a funnel and come thrashing out of the sky! So, I drove faster, got us home in about 10 min to our quite, dry basement.
While it did miss us it hit different areas around us. The Scout Camp that was hit really bad was where I was only a week ago at Girls Camp. Where it surprises me that every building at the camp was destroyed, they are/were very spread out around the camp. It almost seems like the tornado just danced around in circles through the camp. That is the only way all of them could have been torn down! Sad, scary stuff, considering that we had tornado watches almost every night I was there. Lots of prayers going out to those boys and their leaders!
On a brighter note, here are some pics of Dawn's wedding

Monday, June 2, 2008

If you're going to throw a water balloon...

be ready to run! So I went to FHE all on my own tonight (I'm really proud of myself)...and was pretty content to miss out on the activity...but it involved a 3 legged race and water balloons...(plus wheelbarrow race...I was the wheelbarrow...and I'm broken). My partner and I did pretty good in the 3 legged race, except that we were attached by 2 heavy rubber bands...both snapped and left welts on my ankles. OUCH! Then it was off to the water balloon toss...we were doing so well and it was down to us and another team...despite the attempts at distraction by Dan, we were sooo close. But alas, we lost.
After it was all said and down, my partner and I each got a left over balloon and snuck up to Dan...mine hit it's mark soaking his shoulder and back. My partners broke in mid-flight but still managed to get him. I took off running...I did pretty good, until he rounded the far corner of the institute...but I was pretty fast and made it inside before he tossed his ammo. But he followed me in and tried (unsuccessfully) to force me outside. After hiding out for a little bit (and a brief moment sitting on a trash was an accident) I snuck out the back way, up the side of the building and with my keys in hand unlocked my car from there. I started to calmly walk towards it and he saw I ran...I got to my car door right as he let his balloon fly...poor Dan, it hit my windshield leaving me nice and dry. I thought I was safe...oh how wrong...after a brief moment of peace he chased me again and grabbed me from behind intent on sharing some of the moisture from his soaking wet shirt.
Ahh good times at FHE...apparently now I owe him cookies...again.