Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You can't beat a class that is dedicated to patterns

and I'm not talkin about sewing patterns. Pyper here, and after a ridiculous day at work (complete with cupcakes, key lime pie and a great fantasy novel) I headed to class. Today's lecture: Blood Patterns. After an hour of taking notes, my hand was curled around my pencil and my backside was numb from the incredibly hard chair I was sitting in.
After a good stretch it was time for lab-first we completed preparations for next week by dropping red liquid onto white paper held in pre cut angled slots. Then it was time to recreate blood patterns. While my lab partner was working on a passive/drip pattern, I was collecting a tiny bit of the substance into a straw, slowly allowing it to slide towards my mouth. I was really careful not to let it get too close and inhaled through my nose. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful and I got a teeny-tiny taste. It was a little cough syrupy, but all in all not bad. Plus I was able to get a really good recreation of an expirated pattern.

Next week: further analysis/calculation of angles and examination of hair samples.

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