Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Magic Eggs and A Million State Troopers

Friday afternoon Amy and I embarked on a new and exciting adventure…aka a roadtrip from our current town of residence to Colorado Springs. We were uncharacteristically on time as we packed up the car and headed out of town. The drive was pretty uneventful-we talked, giggled and plotted. Then Amy had the brilliant idea to put a dvd in my sweet new laptop. We were so grateful for “I see your Swartz is as big as mine” and “No, sir, I didn’t see you playing with your dolls.” And who can forget “Only one man dares to give me the raspberries.” It made the trip go by so fast. More plotting commenced after Lonestar and Vespa made space tracks. We talked about possibly heading to see her brother once my tour was over and after a little discussion I exclaimed “That’s it…my made is mind up!” and it was settled. After I toured campus I would pick Amy up and we would head north. The rest of the drive was spent counting the number of State Troopers and vehicles from Minnesota.
We spent the night at one of Amy’s friends houses and after a tasty breakfast the next morning I headed off to Colorado Springs, leaving Amy to fend for herself (there is not enough time or room to describe the shinanigans she was involved in, and since I wasn’t there I can’t even get into it…I’ll leave that to her). It was a beautiful day and the drive through Colorado was fantastic…even the unfamiliar roads and crazy drivers did not deter from the experience.
Well, I got to the campus a little bit late and missed my tour group…never fear, I gave myself a tour. The campus was lovely and after walking the length and breadth (which only took about 20minutes) I settled down on a nice slab of concrete and read for about 30minutes…it was just too nice outside to just get into the car and drive back. Alas, I could not read the day away and if we were going to snag the ‘best Mexican’ Amy has ever tasted I needed to get back in the car. The drive back seemed to take so much longer…and I put the time to good use. About 2 minutes from our ‘lodgings’ I texted her…’if I’m 10miles from Cheyene have I missed my exit’. Needless to say I got a great reaction…she called 4times (and I didn’t pick up) before I pulled in front of the house…but they weren’t there!!
The drive home was pretty uneventful-since we didn’t leave on time, we decided that while my made was mind up the day before, it would be crazy if we tried (we weren’t going to get home until after midnight as it was…so adding another 4-5hours was nuts). More movies got us through the long drive, with Amy declaring her love for ‘magic eggs’-and no, they aren’t that kind of magic-she was referring to Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Combined with the several trailers sporting “Dollies and Pads” we thoroughly enjoyed the drive…but found ourselves anxious to get home (we got really excited as we spotted ‘50miles’). We pulled into our driveway just after 1am and we nearly crawled from the car into our respective rooms and crashed until the next morning.


Asterix said...

I like "magic-eggs" too! I bet they were good for keeping you awake for the long drive. Have you tried Kinder-Surprise eggs? They're magical too... they have little toys in them. That's pretty magical. And what are these shenanigans that Amy was up too? I knew she'd be up to shenanigans soon enough :).

Becky said...

Knowing Chuck and Shayla, I wonder if this blog is ready for those kind of shenanigans..... ;)