Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am officially a killer...

but honestly it was an accident. At the time I had no intention of snuffing out the life of the fuzzy, though incredibly ugly, creature...but it happened all the same.
I was on my way home from Institute (of all places) and had taken a detour for dinner at Wendy's. As I drove down the road, contemplating the disgusting taste and texture of my fries (having worked in fast food I know that fries have a hold time of 5minutes...these had been under the heat lamp for a good 10-15...disgusting) and periodically rolling down the window to dispose of the more soggy ones...a fairly large, whitish grey, four legged creature scuttled across the street. I braked (and being the kind of student I am...I remembered being told in drivers ed that a lot of accidents are avoidable if people would quit swerving to miss animals on the road) but did not swerve (and really I would have swerved to my left and it wouldn't have done much good). And then I heard it...Thu-Thump. It was dark outside so I was unable to see my handy work, but I'm pretty sure that possum was flat as a pancake. I take comfort in the idea that perhaps this possum was the very one that had held Dawn (Amy's sister) hostage in her car while it sat atop our garbage can, leering at her. Or maybe it was really old and its family had banished it because it just couldn't keep up any more. And now ashamed of its useless existence it decided to play in traffic to tempt fate.
In any event...I have never before killed a creature (stunned a bird or two on my way to church once) and now my car is sullied with possum blood.
I'm sure to have nightmares tonight!

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Becky said...

You girls need to identify yourselves. Yes, I know that Amy is a bit of a slacker in the blogging forum.. but still.. it would be nice. btw.. nice to meet you Pyper!

I hit a duck once. well, it hit me..flew right into my windshield....