Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Moving Day!

Okay so it's after Moving day...but still the phrase reminds me of Saturday mornings curled up with my tv blanket, eating toasty o's (that's right...we weren't hoity toity about breakfast cereals), watching the Secret of Nimh...you know that part where the rats help Mrs B move the cinder block that is her home?
Well much like her experience...our moving day was full of stress and uncontrollable situations. For starters...Amy and I top off the tank to the diesel...ouch! Then it was off to the only UHAUL place that was open (it being a holiday and such)...only to find out that we didn't have the right size ball for the hitch (like 5/16th of an inch too big)...so I had to buy one...then we didn't have the right lighting adapter (which they tried to sell us...but Amy said "nope, don't need it"...go AMY!!!) Luckily my brother had the right one so we could be legal.
When we get home I look at the trailer...6X12 feet isn't as big as it sounds. When everything was said and done it took the entire trailer, the cab of the truck, the bed of the truck, my car and Dan's truck to get everything that was ready to go...my stuff got dropped off without too many problems (unless you count a crushed middle finger and a slip on the stairs) then it was Amy's turn...they had to take the door to the basement off in order to get some furniture into the basement...and then it was lunch time!
After lunch we headed home to finish loading the stuff for Amy to take home with the truck...I am so proud of us...we were able (with the loan of some wrenches from the neighbors) to unhook the washer and dryer, dolly them up the grassy hill in our backyard, to the driveway up 3 stairs onto our tiny porch and onto the bed of the truck...
Now we just have to unpack our stuff (at our respective places) and clean the old house by Saturday...


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Janyece said...

Gosh, just reading that post made me tired! I bet you're glad that's all done!!