Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why are women so freakin emotional???

I wish I knew the answer to this question...things have been fabulous...Dan and I are getting married in just under 6 weeks (Hooray)!! We got the announcements out this afternoon, my dress is hanging in my closet next to his brand new suit, my shoes have been ordered (though I don't know how my feet will survive the 4" heels), the reception is basically done for Boise and the one for here is pretty well...well kinda under control. With all those great things taking place, can someone explain to me why I am over reacting and in tears over something that could be a big deal but isn't?? When I say tears...I mean uncontrollable, wracking sobs? Poor Dan isn't sure what to do, or say...and even my explanations seem paltry and juvenile...Any suggestions on how to stop the tears before they start???
I can only hope that sanity will prevail, Dan will stick it out...and 42 days from now we'll be happily on our honeymoon.


Janyece said...

It kind of depends on why the tears are flowing... *hugs* Actually, no it doesn't. The only person I know who can REALLY comfort is the Comforter Himself so I guess prayer would be my only piece of advice! I'll keep you in my prayers. Love you! If I can help any other way, let me know. My email addresss is nisa79(insert at sign) if you can think of anything I can do to help!

Nordstrom's said...

Congrats, marriage is the best I should know we are going on 9 yrs this Dec.

Amy said...

OH, Pipes, Dawn was kind of the same way. She usually did it in her car away from everyone else... so you are perfectly normal. Probably just a little stress, with a little nerves. Not that you are nervous, but there is a lot to do with a wedding, and that causes worry. Deep breaths, prayers, and some regular scripture study - it helps keep things in perspective. You are doing the right thing, and it has gone really smooth, so this is your trial before the blessing.
Love you Tons, call me if you need!

Lyns said...

Ummm-because we can be?? Didn't you know that's in the rules?? You are over stressed, under paid, making a HUGE transition and not eating enough tasty treats. THAT is why. Seriously. I promise. I'm not saying to eat a gallon of Ben and Jerry's (although you might be tempted) You will get through this--At least you better because I am up to my eyeballs in fabulous satin and velvet for you. Just think how cute Lou Lou will look and it will make you smile. Or just remember my tripping on your front lawn and that will make you giggle for sure.