Monday, August 4, 2008

I feel so grown up...

It's been almost forever and a day since I last blogged...I'd probably feel really bad about that but I know hardly anyone reads the posts (which isn't why we started this...we do it cuz it's fun, right? RIGHT!)

So here's the latest and know that boy I referred to (about 2 months ago)...yep the one I soaked with the water balloon...well we've now been dating for 2 months! Yippee! And I'm not talking about a date here, hanging out, 2 whole months and we've spent everyday together (well not whole days...but at least 2 hours each day). He's been to meet the family and my Dad just left to go back to Boise yesterday (he came out since he was in Alaska when we were in Utah). I've met some of his family. His mom is a riot and his sisters seem really nice (at least over facebook and the phone). I told my Dad this weekend that I felt so grown up...not sure when everything changed and I went from Young Adult to grown up...but that's what it feels like.
I'm sure it helps that I'm in my own place...alone (eek!), not to mention declining acceptance to graduate school for financially responsible reasons (now if that isn't grown up...I don't know what is).

In any event...I have reached the point of 'grown upness' just days before my 28th birthday and the world hasn't ended yet.


Janyece said...

Man, I'm 29! I guess I just grow slow. Now just because you've grown up doesn't mean you can't be silly every now and again and laugh a lot because you'll need it dealing with all the grown up stuff more than ever! Love you! Hope you have a GREAT birthday!

Nordstrom's said...

Remember me your old roommate from SUU.
Stephany (DeFriez) Nordstrom